"MaZ means to turn my steps to foreign parts and to come back from a new home!"
Theresa, Nigeria 11/12

What is MaZ?

"Missionary on time" is a cooperational program by the catholic congregations of the Spiritans, the Spiritan Sisters and the Missionary Sister of the Precious Blood. Young People starting from the age of 18 have the possibility to go to Africa and South America as a volunteer and live, pray and work together there with the members of the congregations.

Living Together

Ein Eindruck vom Mitleben im Einsatz

Living together with the Brothers and Sisters in one of the countries in Africa and South America will be very helpful in the unfamiliar surroundings. The Missionary on Time has support within the congregation from which he or she can face the new challenging experiences. With this belongs the intensive contact with the Brothers or Sisters and a mentoring person with whom the volunteer can talk about the made experiences.


Praying Together

Dieses Bild symbolisiert gemeinsames Beten über kulturelle Grenzen

To experience the liberating message of Jesus- this is a chance a MaZ-year offers to the volunteer. The program is for young people who are willing to share their faith with other Christians. The Missionary on Time takes part in the praying choruses and the parish’s activities and services. These experiences should be shared later back in the parishes in Germany.


Working Together

Auf Mitarbeiten - die gemeinsame, geteilte Arbeit - wird im Einsatz wert gelegt

One year is a short period of time to really work independently because the volunteer has to get used to the strange climate, a new language and a very different mentality at first. According to their abilities he or she will work in the existing projects. Most of the times, these are in social, medical and pastoral fields. It is about partaking in the work the people are doing there with open eyes and ears. This way the volunteers collect experiences which they can share back in Germany.

The Program’s Goals

  • MaZ is a way to get to know other people and cultures, their ways of life and to share their hopes.
  • MaZ wants to initiate specific conduct for more fairness in this world, inspired by God’s kingdom and the message of Jesus Christ.
  • Missonary on Time is a service of the church in other countries for us: They take in young people to share their lives and faith with the volunteers and to learn from each other during their year.
  • MaZ is a service for the general good of the countries in Africa and South America.
  • MaZ can bring forward a missionary testimony in the home country and the encouragement for justice, peace and the preservation of God’s creation.
  • MaZ wants to show the young people the strength of the Christian faith.

Facts about MaZ

Every year, about 20 young people prepare themselves for their MaZ-year. Most of them are High-School graduates but also professionals participate. The majority goes to a foreign country for a year, some go for three years as trained professionals in the development assistance. Most of our projects are located in Africa, nevertheless we have some in South America and other parts of the world.

We also offer the service “Anderer Dienst im Ausland” which young men can do instead of the mandated military service. Furthermore we do participate in the initiative “Weltwärts” sponsored by the German Ministry for economic cooperation and development.

The History

At the beginning of the 1980s, more and more young people came forward with a request to the congregations whether a “Monastery on Time” would be a possibility. After many thoughts and plans the start off – officially since 1982 – took place at the Congregation of the Spiritans in cooperation with the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood and the Spiritan Sisters.