"MaZ is a volunteer service with an additional dimension: God & Faith as a motivation, a goal and a calling."
Eva-Maria, Paraguay 10/11

MaZ - "Missionary on Time"

Das Logo von Missionare auf Zeit in Deutschland

The MaZ- program offers young people the possibility to gain experiences in another culture during a temporary stay in a religious community. The stay can be approved as a voluntary service abroad.

We are able to send volunteers in all countries where Christian communities are active. Primarily we send them into developing countries, especially in Latin America and Africa. The available placements depend on the local possibilities of accommodation and mentoring. Because of this, the placements can change yearly. Here you can find an overview of the countries where volunteers are working at the moment.

The volunteers contribute and apply their individual skills in the existing projects in their placement countries. Most of the projects are in the social, medical or pastoral sector as e.g. children’s homes, dispensaries, schools, sheltered workshops, old-age homes, pastoral work, …

The common duration of the voluntary service is one year. MaZ- voluntary services can be supported under special conditions by “weltwärts”.