"Because of MaZ, I gained wonderful experiences which will accompany me my whole life!"
Steffi, Tanzania 11/12

Funding of the MaZ Project

The congregations of the Holy Spirit, the Precious Blood Sisters and the Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill have been participating with their MaZ program in the governmental initiative weltwärts since 2008.

This means that the ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ) participates in the funding of the voluntary program. Maximum 75% of the costs that incurred to the MaZ programme are covered by the development programme weltwärts. The remaining costs must be covered by donations to the responsible voluntary service (circle of solidarity and free donations). Unfortunately, all our application places are supported not financially by weltwärts. In these low cases, we look for individual solutions – financial reasons should not be influence negative the participation in the MaZ programme!

The financing of the service by the BMZ consists in this details:

The MaZ team in Germany is responsible for the preparation, and also mentoring the volunteers during and after the voluntary service. The team is supported by former volunteers and by contact persons from all four congregations. The MaZ program pays for all seminars before, during and after the voluntary service, including board and lodging and travel costs with the help of the support by the BMZ.

The volunteers receive 100 Euro of pocket money from the MaZ team per month. They take part in all obligatory courses and prepare for their service by participating actively in the courses, by learning the languages needed and by organising their service. They pay for additional vaccinations, language courses and optional courses, their visa and their personal needs abroad.